Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shadows: A Collection of Poetry and Stories Now Available

My third self published book is now available for your amusement! 'Shadows: A Collection of Poetry and Stories' is mostly made up of the mere shadows of greater haunts, creatures, and fears that are re-assembled into a larger, more menacing, manifestation. But mostly this book is just full of fun stories and situations that came spilling out of the labyrinth inside my head.

Here's an excerpt from 'Very Rare,' a fun farmers tale about a man and his cow...

So for a few days I tried my damndest to get the ole hag to leave the barn. I cussed and hollered; talked sweet, made promises; hell I even tried pushin her out of her stall and barely got out without gettin my head caved in! On that followin Thursday it was a nice dry, hot, sunshinin after noon and after a sixer, I decided that ole barn desperately needed a cleanin. So I grabbed me a pitchfork and set to pitchin hay out the door. Most the animals was out in the pasture lazin like they always do and Gertie was buried deep in a stall. This didn’t matter to me much, I had me a cooler full of bottles and all the doors flung wide open as I set about my work. Everyone knows its much easier to clean out a stinky barn with brews near by since the alcohol dulls the senses makin it so you don’t smell the manure much. After a few hours of forkin and tossin I was half naked, probably stinkin worse than a skunk sprayed dog, and there was only one stall left while the cooler was empty. Well of course you can bet that wasn’t settlin well with my mood but I was bound and determined to finish the job I had set out to doin. So I started to yellin and a coaxin at Gertie to get her ass out of that stall so I could clean it. I promised her a nice clean stall with plenty of straw to live in and even threw in a bale of alfalfa as a barterin tool. Damned if that ole bitch wouldn’t budge an inch. I was enterin into a most foul mood by then and wasn’t gonna let no damn cow get in my way of finishin my job before dark. Hell, I still had twenty some bales of straw to bust up!
I grabbed me one of them empty bottles I had lined up and heaved it at the wall behind her. It ricocheted off with a ping and bounced over her head. With God as my witness I swear that ole bitch growled at me!

You can purchase the book in hard copy right now from Create Space and available in both Paperback and Kindle via!

Thank you and hope you love it as much as loved putting it together!
Until next we bleed, for we will