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Top 5 EXTREME Sex Scenes in a Film

Random Top 5 of the Month!
October 2011

Top 5 EXTREME Sex Scenes in a Film
by J.P. Hunt

The rules: So the goal was to come up with five EXTREME sex scenes and one honorable mention. All genres were acceptable EXCEPT porn, because that would be too easy. In this case we have 2 horror, 2 action, and 1 psychotic drug film. EXTREME is defined by the fact that they aren't your normal chick flick, romantic moment or candles and sheets scenes. They are crazy, unrealistic, and despite the circumstances they take place in... strangely erotic. I'll let the choices below explain what I mean... (click their picture to order the film from As is with all links - right click and choose open in new tab/window to avoid leaving this page)...

Honorable mention goes to:
Dance of the Dead (2008)

This is just an honorable mention because it isn't really a sex scene. It's really just a make out scene between two teenagers in the middle of a zombie outbreak at their high school prom. What makes it extreme is that they are in the process of turning into zombies themselves. So instead of the normal kissing and tongue action they get really turned on by eating each others faces! Ahhh, young zombie love. Check it out here.

#5: Spun (2002)

Mad, kinky, drug sex! Did I mention kinky? Duct tape, tie down, and even forget her for awhile. It's all good in this messed up meth film. It's an interesting mix of drugs and bondage that I wouldn't suggest actually practicing but makes it extreme enough to make the bottom of the list! Sorry there's no link/video of the actual scene(s) but check out the trailer anyway...

#4: Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

This isn't a much loved film despite its spectacle of gun-play and stars. But its that eclectic spectacle that helps make its sex scene one of the most extreme ever! Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci have mad passionate sex that can't even be interrupted by a hoard of assassins! Clive is so good with both guns he can kill twenty attackers without missing a stroke! Such control and concentration is something most men only dream of having! Watch “Talk about shooting your load.”

#3: Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

This one is pretty obvious. A sexually frustrated married couple that just realized they were competing assassins try to kill each other, destroying their home in the process, find themselves uncontrollably turned on. Well who wouldn't in their circumstances! It's easy to see why Brad left Jennifer if sex with Angelina is always like this! If you haven't seen it

#2: Dead Alive (1992)

Zombie sex! Here we have exhibition, face eating, and best of all... an immediate zombie baby! If anything this scene should prove as a public service announcement to horny zombies everywhere on the importance of practicing safe sex!

#1: Crank (2006)

If you were Jason Statham injected by a poison that would kill you if your heart rate falls beyond a certain point what would be the best way to keep your blood pumping? I'm thinking a full on sexual performance in the middle of a city street with Amy Smart can't possibly hurt! In this case it makes it the most extreme on my list. Honestly, depending on my mood at the time, any one of these movies could have made #1. Crank gets it today for three good reasons... 1. Jason's jogging suit is far from sexy; 2. It totally convinced me I was in love (lust?) with Amy Smart; 3. the gathering crowd around them applaud! Finally, like Clive, Jason can multi-task by answering his cell phone. Well, ok, he's not in control since the phone call eventually breaks his concentration, but exhibitionists take note... this is how you do it and get cheers!

So there you have, my top 5 extreme sex scenes in a film. Its only right that I add the disclamer that I am not a proponent of anyone trying any of the things in these films and if you do I refuse to take responsibility for the possible outcomes, be it a beating, jail, death, or even instant zombie baby. I welcome questions, comments, concerns, arguements, suggestions, etc. I also must send out a special thanks to Will and Brian for their suggestions, notice they did make the list! If you have ideas for other such lists you'd like to see me create let me know by commenting here, emailing me at or friend me on Facebook. Since I intend to come up with a new list every month or so I will always be looking for and appreciating your ideas and thoughts!

'Til next we bleed,
JP (Jeff) Hunt

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