Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Odd Thomas 2012

As some know I work two jobs. One is for a... will call it specialty store since I don't want to plug. So anyway I've been working with a local movie company to set them up with about 4gs in outdoor furniture which they ultimately intend to blow up. I love the movies and really want to see this happen to this stores products, lol. So, the movie is 'Odd Thomas' which is being shot in Santa Fe, they are still in pre-production phase (which makes sense, since they reportedly only have one star cast, Addison Timlin, and at least 2 big names rumored, Tim Robbins and Willem DeFoe). As a fan of the books and now having a secret in, I will keep you all informed. Especially if I get to see the explosion, lol. For fans of the books I'm sure you can imagine which scene wold require an outdoor furniture explosion! ~Jeff

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