Thursday, April 14, 2011

Odd Thomas film news 04/14/2011

The latest news seems to have a confirmed Willem DeFoe as Chief Wyatt Porter!

"The Chief helps Odd many times, acting almost as a surrogate father. He is one of the few people that know Odd sees the dead but he does not know all of Odd's secrets." ( that's right, I quote all my sources).

So I'm truly excited about this development, let's face it, DeFoe is amazing no matter what he does. Hopefully Stephen Sommers (also penned the script) recognizes his brilliance and doesn't try to hard to reign him in.

Other cast likely confirmed...
Anton Yelchin (Star Trek's Chekov, Terminator Salvation's Kyle) as Odd is an interesting choice, although I must admit, he does sort of look how I wold have envisioned Odd.

Addison Timlin (Californication's Sasha) I hate say just about any hot up and coming could play Stormy Llewellyn. So I won't.

Tim Robinson is still rumored, (Robert Thomas "Fungus Man" Robertson anyone?). But Tim and Willem in the same movie? I cannot see a problem with that.

Last bit of character news has Nico Tortorella (Scream 4) in talks to play the head of the Satanists. Not having seen Scream 4 I can't make a call. I guess I better do my homework. Since seeing I Am Number 4 though I'm really liking Jake Abel, that's twice now he's played a 'villain' (counting Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) and would really like to see him be able to go all out in a villainous role. Even if does have a Kevin Bacon face.

This movie is going all independent, Stephen Sommers (The Mummy movies and GI Joe The Rise of Cobra) took over the reigns as writer/director and all I can say on that is its about time someone did.

As for my involvement, I've already tried to make contact with those close to the production offering my services to help build the furniture they purchased in trade for seeing it get destroyed in a ball of flames. Here's hoping that works out and maybe we can even get cast and crew interviews for the Creepercast! I will, of course, keep all posted right here!

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