Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help Fund the Completion of a Horror Slasher Film!

That's right folks, I'm asking for help to complete a script that has taken 3 years to get completed. Your monetary donation will give me the ability to take the time necessary to get it done! Here's the info...

Currently seeking funding toward supplementing the completion of the script for 'No Trespassing,' a horror/slasher/thriller intended to be filmed in Oregon upon completion.


Bickering brothers lead their clueless friends on a camping adventure that finds them in a struggle for survival as they are hunted for trespassing.


It’s more than mere sport when an irate hermit struggles to keep wayward misfits from trespassing on his hunting ground.

In a world of horror franchise reboots it's time for something different! 'No Trespassing' uses a blend of traditional and original story telling techniques that pay homage to the masters of the genre while seeking its own place amongst them.

There are once in a lifetime Pledge rewards attached that include everything from heart felt love, adoration, and gratitude to copies of the script. Check out the link below to learn more and thanks in advance!

Fund A Unique Horror Film that Urges 'No Trespassing'

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