Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Trespassing (someday soon I hope!)

'No Trespassing' is a horror/thriller/slasher flick Jason and I have been working on since college. Some of you already know that I am an aspiring screenwriter and with Creepercast and all those horror reviews it's pretty obvious what my chosen genre is. If you look through older posts you'll even find loglines to script ideas currently in progress. Being the oldest of the stories working on, 'No Trespassing' haunts my every day/night since it is still more of a concept then a reality. In a world of remakes it's time for some original horror material so it's time to make it a reality! Check out the info...

Log Lines:
Bickering brothers lead their clueless friends on a camping adventure that finds them in a struggle for survival as they are hunted for trespassing.
It’s more than mere sport when an irate hermit struggles to keep wayward misfits from trespassing on his hunting ground!

'No Trespassing' uses a blend of traditional and original story telling techniques that pay homage to the masters of the genre while seeking its own place amongst them. The story itself is comprised of themes like personal struggle, friendships and family, good times, the hunting culture, and the voyeuristic horrors that grace the pages of every daily newspaper. It is intended as a study of the human condition that uses the tried and true slasher style movie mold. It's not all seriousness of course. The script promises the same thrills, and more, than you expect from the genre! Upon completion of the script it is our goal to go into full production using the Oregon wilderness as our backdrop.

As we work to make this script come to life I will constantly keep all you awesome readers informed. Just keep visiting this page, because believe it or not in the end, it is all of you that can eventually make this film happen!

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