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Necessary Evil (2008)

Necessary Evil (2008)

FEARnet Plot Description: “An insane scientist is testing a deadly drug on helpless patients in an insane asylum. A hard-nosed cop and a novice journalist set out to investigate, but what horror they discover may cost them their lives.” Watch now for free

My Synopsis: Lance Henrickson uses demon DNA to take over the world!

Comments: For those of you don't know this, FEARnet is awesome. It's like an online version of SCIFI channel that only deals with horror. So basically every month they stream several B horror films that you might not otherwise hear about, and many you have. Currently they seem to have many of the AfterDark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For ( available. Which only makes sense since After Dark has become the source for the newest and greatest in upcoming horror directors/writers. 8 (yeah, really) new films are presented every year around Halloween. Does anybody remember Full Moon Features ( They were this awesome film company that cranked out the best/worst B stuff in the 90's with cheesy fx and even worse acting. Well After Dark is like that only more tech savvy. Anyway, I digress badly since the movie being reviewed isn't either an After Dark or Full Moon presentation. But I do promise to address films from both companies in the very near future. Where I was going with this is that FEARnet is awesome. Anything I review from their site is available for free viewing for a limited time and I highly suggest you do so. It's a great way to get your horror fix and watch, for free, entertaining schlock you would undoubtedly never pay for. If you have take note of how silly that was as you watch it again for free. The only thing you lose is time, which can be unforgiving so learn to be like me and multi-task, i.e. watch/listen to a movie while typing the review!

So 'Necessary Evil' boasts 2 very important actors to the genre. The first is Lance Henrickson, and you should know that if he is involved there are two things you can expect, that the movie is wonderfully horrible and that he will act the shit out of his role. In this case he is the evil scientist, even better! The second is Danny Trejo, again proof of the same first impressions without even seeing a minute of movie. In this one he is military muscle possessed, golden! It promises already to be both amazingly ridiculous! Now the only question left is whether or not that is good or bad because it obviously could be either. As the movie begins Danny is being a bad ass and Lance is being evil. Thus hopes were high, would reality bring them down?

Well, it started with a possession, then an abduction, then we got this investigative reporter (played by up and coming scream queen hottie Kathryn Fiore – 'Hatchet II') who wants do a report on the strange practices of a pharmaceutical conglomerate (run by mad scientist Henrickson of course) and is apparently going nuts, and tests are being done on this family that seems to be kind of demonic. As are Henrickson and his business partners. Danny Trejo kicks ass from the start but his position in all this unclear until much later in the movie. Henrickson doesn't begin as your standard insane scientist. Oh yeah, and there's a Jewish cop (Greg Collins – various TV appearances including 'True Blood') investigating the disappearance of the family who seems to know more about demons then he lets on. And were do cops find desserts at crime scenes? I must know!

A very slow moving film, but somehow the cops investigation leads to/coincides with the reporters actual demons are teased for awhile. The few sexually jokes are out of place and add nothing. But it's good to know that demon DNA can help create a race of powerful humans.

“Necessary Evil' has got be a SCFI channel movie. The acting is all sub-par except of course for Henrickson, Trejo's part is merely minutes long (2 at the beginning, a few more near the end, he's of course a ruthless henchman). Though the story is intriguing, it is that and Henrickson that really kept me watching, whenever the story lagged or he wasn't in the scene I started working on this review. The concepts of this movie weren't necessary or even really evil. That much said I give it 2 glowing syringes out of 5. Lance is totally worth the time wasted on watching this movie though, maybe I'll raise it 3 glow stick syringes. Nah, 2 ½ is about all I can give up. Maybe if you edit out all the stuff that is not “necessary” it would go up. Like all the Henrickson/Trejo scenes and the last 20 minute, beware of the tweest, but it's works! Maybe I'll upgrade it to 3 out of 5 just for that.

'Til next we bleed,

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